How to submit your personal experiences with a disease )

Step 1: In the main page of the platform, upon login, you will find the page shown below.  Please enter the name of the disease you’d like to enter experiences for, in the text box shown with the arrow, and click on the magnifying glass icon to search.



Step 2: Find the disease within the search results, and click on the name to enter the next page



Step 3: You will see the disease description page as shown below.  Click on Experiences as shown with the arrow


Please note:  In order to submit experiences you must be following the disease.  In case you are not yet following the disease in the RE(ACT) Community, click on FOLLOW (see below) in order to see the disease description page as seen above.


Step 4:  Once in the Experiences page, click on ADD NEW


Step 5:  You will see a screen as shown below.  Enter your experiences in the text field and click on POST EXPERIENCE to save.



After this, you will be able to both edit and delete the information entered as shown below: