How it works )

Our goal is to act as a game changer in the current scenario, spreading the voice about the urgency of investing in rare and orphan disease research. Stand up with us for scientific research, follow a few simple steps to make the difference. #REACTCommunity #RAREvolution
1. Sign-up
You can sign-up for free to the RE(ACT) Community as a Researcher, a Patient (Patient Representative) or as a Supporter. Your profile will provide tailored access and features to the website.
2. Follow one or more disease
If you are interested in one or more rare diseases, we encourage you to ‘Followa disease page by searching it inside the internal search engine. You can also invite other friends by clicking on the dedicated button.
3. Make a donation
You can make a donation to the RE(ACT) Community. Just click on the 'Donate' button.
4. [Researchers only] Submit your scientific project
Once the disease you are interested in is followed by an adequate number of people ('Goal'), you can submit your scientific project to the RE(ACT) Community Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and raise funds for your research by starting a crowdfunding campaign.
Besides these four steps and independently from your profile, the RE(ACT) Community offers you many other important services, grouped in 4 main interaction pillars: MEET, SHARE, LEARN, SUPPORT.
If you are a researcher, we help you to connect with other scientists. Sign-up and create a short profile with your specialization, know-how and methodologies. You can meet online other researchers searching by name, country, city and specialization. In addition, you can send them messages and start new collaborations. A researcher can also interact with patients (with their consent) by making a request to the RE(ACT) Community Secretariat.
In order to help scientists in gaining a better understanding of rare diseases, we promote information exchange among researchers and we encourage patients to share their health experiences. Please find out here how researchers can submit scientific information and here how patients can share their health experience.
We encourage both researchers to publish scientific information/new findings and patients to share their personal health experiences to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge. A researcher can “Follow” other researchers or patients and receive notifications once they share information. RE(ACT) Members can also follow us on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and receive information on relevant studies, conferences, meetings, grants, and other related news.
If you are a researcher, you can submit your project and raise funds for your research by starting a crowdfunding campaign. All research projects must pass though the screening of The BLACKSWAN Foundation's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) that works as a guarantor of the quality of projects. Once the project is declared eligible, any website visitor can contribute to the research by making a donation. The promotion of projects is facilitated by the integration of social media plugins, which easily allow a user to sensitize his network of friends and acquaintances while reaching more supporters. Donations to the RE(ACT) Community help to keep the site running.